Thursday, December 16, 2010

come closer

Jasper couldn't stop staring at Zigmond. It was so fascinating to see time practically stand still.

"How is this possible?" Jasper was still startled by the thought of seeing himself purely human. It was almost frightening.

"Well, you always were a lady's man, back in your day." Mannie bit a grin. "What can I say. I've kept the family together, pure and simple."

"You could have warned me." Jasper's eyes narrowed as he looked at his uncle.

"What? So you could have turned him, while he was still a boy?" Mannie gave Jasper an ugly glare as if not to cross him.

"Ye with little faith." Jasper festered a face then as he went to check on the one still asleep. She was practically a babe in the womb he thought.  Really, he knew it was evil work he did. It would be remarkable if she gave a fuck about him. Unlike, so many others.

"Well, she's not yours." He was quick to point out to Ziggy who had to take a look too.

"I'm not here to be any trouble. Really, I'm my uncle's assistant." Ziggy looked Jasper in the eye.

It pained Jasper to see his kin so fresh and not at all weary of what might become of him, some day. Mannie informed Jasper quick enough that Ziggy was a warlock, first and for most. "When the time comes, of course, I'll turn him. But hopefully by then he'll be wiser than the both of us."

"When have we ever been wise, dear uncle?" Jasper found himself laughing then. Hadn't they always gotten by on their good looks? Jasper wondered just what they needed Ziggy for.

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