Saturday, January 22, 2011


Bella woke up in a fog. She seemed to be doing that, a lot lately. Always in a dream state.

"Shouldn't I be in school?" She winced. Her head hurt, or was she just light headed? If she were a balloon she would have drifted off into a cloud. Of course, she felt gravity pulled her back to be in such an old ruffled thing she was in. She snarled her nose up at that.

"No, you're on holiday, silly." Well, Jasper was pleasant enough. It usually took just one kiss to put her in dreamland, but she didn't want a kiss. She didn't want to be sent into another orbit. She was beginning to think he'd abducted her. Is that what he'd done?

But..but..they were at her house. A wave of ugliness seeped in. Where was her father?

It was troubling.

"Everything is OK." He was all grins. It was as if he could sense it, and he wouldn't dare let her get too far away from ...his grasp.

His uncle had brought a feast before them. All of her favorites. A Thanksgiving spread of sorts with turkey and cranberries. Mashed potatoes. These were things she missed. Not that her mother ever made them. Nor her father, either. But it would be something she believed her grandmother would have made..if she'd ever gotten a chance to eat her meals. Well, that was another story. Her parents weren't in to grandparents. Her parents weren't even in to each other.

Her clumsy fingers came across the sweets. She picked up a chunk of fudge. "I don't like chocolate." She scowled.

"Who doesn't like chocolate?" Mannie shrieked back so playfully. She couldn't help but smile.

"She doesn't like chocolate, Uncle Mannie." Jas then looked at his uncle who looked all the more like a country doctor in his thin bow tie and black vest. He was like something out of an old western TV show.

"Doesn't like chocolate?" Mannie laughed. "Well, she should try one of these." Suddenly, there was a plump fresh strawberry dipped in something white. "Try this, me lady."

She hesitated, but once she tasted the delightfully sweet hazelnut, it was brilliant. Possibly she was having a foodie orgasm right now.

Suddenly, she breathed in the beauty of the food all around her. It was wonderful. It was spectacular. Execpt, an odd after taste. Was that blood on her tongue? It was. She looked at the red flesh of the strawberry. Could it be?

She looked at both of them, smiling back at her. She just couldn't disappoint them. She was hungry. Very hungry.


  1. I love the title. And yes, I wonder what she was really eating????

  2. Oh, goodness..that Mannie thinks of everything.

  3. I like chocolates. Mmm. But I'm allergic to chocolates. Weird.