Tuesday, December 7, 2010

not just a dream

"I'm still not sure where I fit, into all this?" Zigmon Hale pulled out a shovel out of the back of his trunk. He'd finally made his way to where Mannie had sent him. As it was, he did his uncle grunt work for him. Mannie's way of making sure he put in his dues if he wanted to learn everything Mannie knew about being a warlock.

It was always, "I'm afraid you're not there yet, me, lad." This was the line Ziggy had been hearing since he was practically a baby. This was his first road trip.

"Oh, you will my boy." Mannie gave him a slap on his shoulders. "Its time you met an ancestor of yours, my dear son."

Ziggy wasn't sure he was ready for this. It had mainly been just Mannie and him as long as he could remember. His uncle had raised him. He wasn't quite ready to share his uncle with just, anyone.

"Will you need the shovel?" Ziggy's dazzling dark eyes glared at Mannie.

"Only for protection. Keep it handy, just in case a foe finds his way in." Mannie showed him through the house. Ziggy kept the heavy shovel with him.

It was there in the parlor he took a glance of someone who could have been his exact self. Except he was blonde and kind of odd, like a ghost from a nightmare. He couldn't quite grow the edgy slim sideburns that Ziggy sported, who's hair was dark with satin curls.

"What did I tell you." Mannie smiled. "Like night and day."

"What do you mean?" Jasper winced.

"He was always a little dim witted." Mannie chuckled, giving Ziggy another pat on the back. "Come, meet your flesh and blood."

Ziggy sighed as a startled Jasper looked at him.

"I know its been a long time, but you really should get to know your great-great-great, oh hell, a really great grand-son." Mannie smiled then.

Ziggy winced hard almost with the laugh, "Isn't he suppose to be really old, Mannie?"


  1. This is going to be interesting.

  2. Woo..that will be quite unusual..hehehe..

  3. It looks like a good version of the Twilight books.

    I'm guessing you've changed it around though right? Hah

    Manfred and Zigmond? Sounds like they fit in with Jasper. Nice names too.