Sunday, February 27, 2011

which would be worse

"God, must I?" Edward heaved when his sister came back, all so torn. About what, he didn't know. But she wanted him to investigate. "Who would want to be in the Cullin's flower garden?" He couldn't think of a human in these parts to even want to be out here in their neck of the woods. Naturally, he had to do the honorable thing. If he didn't, his so called Dad would be after him.

So he did as she asked. He made a swift pass at the maze, over head. There was nothing, he could see. Not a twig out of place. It was as boring as usual. He had such a boring existence. He had to be the most boring vampire in the entire world. He didn't even smell danger.

Well, he'd report back that Alice was now officially crazy and they, could just send her away. Maybe the alps this time. She'd find her a new something and go mad over, as usual.

But just as his feet touched the damp ground of the dew, he stopped thinking what to do with his sister when he saw him. It was an elated feeling that Ed hadn't had in a good long while. But he didn't dare let that tingling feeling slip from him.

"How dare you torment my sister, so?"  There, that's what was meant to be said. "Who are you? She knows you aren't Jasper. And..and she'd like to know what you've done with him.

"Are you her puppet? Does she do all your thinking?" He seemed much more concerned with that than any of Edward's questions.

"No, of course not." Edward kept a steady eye on the dark hair male. He hugged himself as if he might being bewitched, or something. He could have none of that.

"Liar. You always do what you're told. Don't you?" There was just something uncanny yet familiar about him. Yes, he was practically Jasper's doppelganger. But who could be the evil one out of the two.

"Who are you?" Edward winced hard.

"Ziggy is my name, if you must know." When he put out his hand, Edward knew then what he was. Not a ghost of some kind, but a warlock. How in the world could he be smitten by a warlock?


  1. Yeah, what could be the worse? o_O

    I'm officially crazy, too. Haha. Just saying. :))

  2. Oh this what I think its about?

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I really like your writing :D