Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it can't be true

Alice was thinking of that last smirk Jasper had given her. She just thought he was trying to be funny. It couldn't have been that serious. Not that she thought they'd ever have a full blown vampire fight. They were both just too beautiful for such a thing.

But now his room was empty. She was heart broken.

"It feels so cold with out him," Alice said to ever would listen.

"You were far too hard on him." Edward informed her. "What were you expecting? Having him in the dog house, constantly." Edward sighed as he hugged himself. "Besides, you're much better off with out him. Who needs a mate, tell me that, will you?" His brow furrowed. Alice gave him a festered frown back.

"I love him." She was just sad now.

"You treated him like a child. That's what you did." Edward snapped. "Constantly, harping on him about the right and the wrong in life. How could anyone live without your rules."

"But he was such a newbie." Her lashes fluttered and caught the tears slipping. It was true. She was a wreck without him. "Give him and inch..and..and..he's gone." She was really broken now. Perhaps a quiet walk in the garden would help. But she clearly doubted it. "Just leave me alone, will you?" She looked back at Edward so miserable.  If only times, were different she thought. If only, but they weren't.

She went to the garden, among the trees and little flowers trying to bloom. But it was a nasty over cast. Fog, at that. How would she ever sparkle now? Alice sighed, almost feeling faint. Honestly, she was beginning to neglect herself. Suddenly, she thought she saw some one very familiar. Could it be Jasper? Had he come back.

Well, the figment was gone now. But his stature so lean and neat. It made her heart quicken. He had to be here. Wasn't he? She turned around as if he might sneak up on her. She moved to the right. Then the left. Oh, he always liked the left, didn't he?

There he stood in the maze. She ran to him. Then he was gone.

"JASPER! What are you  doing! Come quickly! Show your face! You know you are a coward!" Alice lunged into the path where she expected him to be.

Then she heard his laugh. Behind her. It gave her a shiver.

"Where are you? Please, stop playing games with me Jassie?" Alice quickened her step as if she might be the spy this time, but no, someone was there right, behind her. When she turned, she saw his face. He was identical to Jasper in ever way. Except for the dark satin locks. He was not pale. Just human.

"Who are you?" She demanded, trying her best to hide her teeth that couldn't help but want to fang him.

"Who are you?" He said right back with an open smile. "Do I know you?"

"Jasper, is that you?" She blinked. She reached to touch him, expecting he might be a just a ghost. But he was very alive. She could feel his pure pulse instantly, and they hadn't even touched.

"No. I'm not Jasper." His dark eyes stared at her deeply.

Alice suddenly feared him. She ran. Terribly, she felt so cold. It was as if he could have stabbed her with  his eyes. She feared to look at him long.