Wednesday, December 1, 2010

where do we go from here

What just happened? OK, so Bella just got here. Practically. Like yesterday. It was going to be boring. She knew. She hated the thought of being the new kid at school. Maybe she just didn't like school.

Honestly, she hated making conversation. She hated being the new girl. Well, hating things came easy for Bella. Not that she was going to go mental and change any of it, but she felt as if she'd been pushed out of the nest. Now she had to talk to a Dad that she could not call Dad. He was just Charlie.

Bella had to face facts, it was going to be lonely. Or was it?

There was Jas like a ray of sunshine. He gave her this happy tingly feeling as if she might be sparkling all over. Except she wasn't. She felt that way because he showed up out of nowhere. And the more they walked and talked, suddenly, she found herself smiling and oozing with sweetness. As if she might be Snow White or something without all those dwarfs. She was drawn to him immediately. Yet, it was so spontaneous. Whatever this was happening, she knew she wanted to be a part of it. Maybe even a part of him.

She looked around. Where am I? Oh, she didn't care what he had to say. It was enough just to be near him. It was as if she couldn't get enough of his essence. She thought she might faint at first. Her heart, all a flutter. Really, she'd never felt this alive before. And then when he asked if he could come home with her. She automatically said sure. There wasn't  a thought in her head what her Dad might say if she saw her with a stranger. It filled her up with laughter. A a man..yes, that's it. ..was coming home with her, and nothing in the hell mattered.

And here they were. Jas took a good look around the kitchen. He pulled her into the dark pantry  as she heard her dad's truck pull up.

"What are we doing?" She looked at him. He put his fingertips on her lips. She went mute automatically. And then he kissed her there in the darkest of dark, she thought he took her breath away. It shocked her initially. But she remained still as she felt his hands down her back. One hand lifted the hair off her neck. Her skin felt so chilled and taunt to his touch. She might have screamed if she could. But her voice was gone. Bella's eyes opened wide. What else would he take?